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I have found over the past 9 years that customers, be it brides or suppliers,

 like to know who they are talking too!

With so many internet scams happening right on our doorsteps every single day, I feel its

important for brides to know who we are, why we do what we do, and how we came to be  

trusted by brides, customers, venues and suppliers alike. 


I am asked frequently, how things worked out the way they did, so we decided

to add a personal page to the website...


So you know the faces behind the names, and the names behind the brand...


I (Sophie) got engaged in 2010 at just 20 years old. I had dreamt of my wedding my

whole life and knew I wanted it to be spectacular. I knew the flowers I wanted, the

decorations, and of course – the dress. Living in Hereford meant that there wasn’t much

on offer - decoration wise - on the wedding circuit, so we needed to go further afield.

We trawled the internet for ideas and the closest supplier and found the nearest big

event décor company was in Cardiff – around 70 miles from Hereford.


We made a trip to see them and I explained everything I wanted and gave them the budget. After only about 10 minutes I knew this company wasn’t for me. It was run by a man who didn’t seem to know what he was doing and didn’t have half the things I wanted for my special day.


My mother, business partner and absolute rock, Jacqui, was with me – we walked out with a brochure and price list, feeling very deflated – looked at each other and said “we can do that – and we can do it SO much better”.

We spent the car journey home discussing what we would call our imaginary company, that was going to help so many Brides achieve their dream.


Around 2 weeks later – In September 2010 - Divas was born.


I had a dream to stock and sell dresses – so with the help of my father, we decked out the back room of my house, my dining room, in to a dressing room and office (It was around 3m by 3m big!!!) and found a dress maker to make me my first batch of bridal dresses and 4 bridesmaid dresses as the large companies wouldn’t take a chance on a small town, 20 year old, who worked from her dining room, stocking their dresses. (Understandable really!!!)


I had a friend who dabbled in web design that built me a basic website and I also created a facebook page for us. I soon began to market us as the new Wedding Company in Hereford. Time went on and enquiries started to come in.  At this point I was also working full time as a Teaching assistant, and also doing an Open University Degree in Primary Teaching. So – things continued and we sold one bridal gown. Just one. In about 4 months.


I remember feeling gutted that it wasn’t working – but have never let that get in the way before – so plodded on and changed tack. My mum Jacqui – who could see I was struggling – decided to come on board and help me. We then moved forward as a team, dropped bridal and changed to Bridesmaid and Prom and started to market ourselves in a different way. I phoned Eternity Bridal – who we had met at a trade show a few weeks before and their rep, Giles – came to see us along with the most incredible set of Prom Dresses. Eternity took a chance on us – one which we will never forget – and allowed us to stock “Tiffany Prom” as it was then known.

In around 4 weeks we had sold 10/11 prom dresses and needed to move to a bigger premises (as my dining room was just too small!!!)


Jacqui had a large basement in her house and since there was no way we could afford a “proper” shop – we moved everything to there and began trading as Dresses for Divas – and hoped for the best. We sold prom dresses to 23 girls in our first year – all of which I remember – including most of their names!!!















We found as the months went on we were being asked more and more, for chair covers and centrepieces as we had already discovered there was nowhere in Hereford to provide them. We registered Diva Weddings and Events Ltd. in January 2011 and we had our first booking a week later.


Diva Events grew at an outstanding rate and we had 36 bookings in our first year (2011).


Still not being able to afford a shop, or any real advertising we rented a room at Holmer Park and had regular Pop-Up Shop days. This cost us an absolute fortune, took hours of prep and work (mostly the lifting and carrying that my dad did!!) but was the first steps into getting our name known.


2012 and 2013 both companies continued to grow and we took the plunge into our first showroom in September 2013. This was a huge step, a very daunting jump and a big risk. 2013 also saw the birth of the smallest Diva - who most defintely lives up to her "Baby Diva" name - and at 20 months old was helping to fit chair covers and now spends most sundays parading herself around our wedding fayres loving the attention she gets! :)














2014 saw us decorate and help over 200 brides and their weddings and we have also moved into our brand new showroom – with private dress boutique and hire item area.

And now...


In 2014 Diva Wedding Fayres was launched and we started with one of the biggest wedding fayres Hereford has ever seen at the stunning Lyde Court. With alomost 100 exhibitors and 189 brides on the day, the presidence was  set - and we decided to let go of Dresses 4 Divas and focus on Diva Wedding Fayres. 

Diva Wedding Fayres grew at an astounding rate and with myself and Jacqui and capacity we knew we had to make a change. DIVA Weddings and Events was put up for Sale for us to concentrate on DIVA Wedding Fayres.  The business sold in August 2015 and in hindsight - was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Now - we run over 40 shows a year in high profile luxury venues around the UK including Stanbrook Abbey, Chateau Impney and most of the ARC Racecourses. We are expanding again into new areas in 2020 and are always looking at new ways to expand and better our business.
















The feedback we receive from each and every one of our brides and suppliers at our shows  – is why we continue to work tirelessly at what we do. We care about every supplier and every bride that comes to our shows and cant wait to enjoy each and every show in the coming years. 

So for now – that’s our story – but who knows what the future holds….


Sophie & Jacqui x



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